Magic Door Gallery (Mar 10-Jun 10)

The Magic Door Art Gallery launches its 2007 season with ‘Timely Dimensions’, which includes an extension of Lewis Parker & Gerald Lazare’s ‘Huron Collection’ exhibition. The show will run from March 10th until June 10th, but please join us this Saturday, March 10th anytime between 4pm – 7:30pm for the Opening Reception. Featuring work by: Lynn Bishop, Christine Chown, John Pryce, Gerd Untermann, Mayta Markson, Francis Muscat, James Pronk, Margaret Rossiter, Debra Mondrow, Barbara Kraus, Reiner Arnold, Karen Sloan, and Ruth Luginbuehl.

We have co-ordinated our opening reception with another special event being held at the Law Office Gallery just down the street. At this location you will be captured by a variety of Beatles-inspired art by 21 local and international artists.

[gmap name=’MyMap’ lng=’-79.067′ lat=’44.26282′ zoom=’16’ desc=’Magic Door’ width=’450′ height=’450′]

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