Break The Rules

Most of us have two lives, The life we live and the unlived life within us. Between the two stands the unspoken rules we have created for ourselves and voices that keep us small. Time to Break the Rules!

On Thursday February 26th Anna MacKay-Smith from the highly acclaimed MOM and AhMen Projects and Dragonfly Workshops presents the first in

Break The Rules Workshops Series

Creative Fire
Creativity is a birthright that was stolen from us at an early age. Reclaim it!

Provocative, fun, inspiring, entertaining!
(workshop participant)

Anna uses her eclectic talents to perform, debate, brainstorm, inspire and challenge.
Join us for an evening that will help you recognize the voices that stop your from being all that you can be. Find some useful tools to confront those voices so that you can start the steps toward living the life you know is inside you.

You will walk away with a creation that speaks from the beautiful voice of your soul.
No fancy clothes – it may get messy!!

Anna encourages me – to be me – to be the magnificent me – using art, writing, dancing, journaling, listening, imagining – always guiding me towards what I want. That is the great mystery of course, but with humor, sensitivity, compassion and play, Anna helps me untangle my tangled web of thoughts, insecurities, and digressions and keeps me focused on clarifying my goals. Anna’s own life experiences, as well as her professional acting, directing, producing, and teaching careers makes her a realistic, worldly, and exuberant workshop leader and creativity life coach.

Beware: you will laugh – many ,many times.
Janet-Laine Green (Actress)

Thursday February 26th
7 – 10 pm
Goodwood Hall
268 Hwy 47, Goodwood

$25.00 – Pre-registration – Blue Heron Books
$35.00 – Registration at the door
For more information contact Anna at

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