Call For Artists’ Submissions

Art in the Preserve

This is a call for artists to submit works, on the basis of which two artists will be selected and commissioned to create a picture for the Art in the Preserve program. This call is being sent to all members of the Uxbridge Arts Association (UAA), all artists and guest artists on this year’s Uxbridge Studio Tour, and members of the Artists of Uxbridge art group.

The program
Under this program, paintings of the Countryside Preserve are mounted permanently in the Preserve. (The Countryside Preserve is a 140-acre natural area just south of the Walmart / Canadian Tire complex, with a network of trails open to the public). The program is a joint initiative of the Township, the Town Trail Committee and the Uxbridge Naturally group.

Selected artists will paint scenes along the Preserve trails, which will be reproduced digitally, embedded in fibreglass and mounted on aluminum pedestals in a picture-frame mounting. Walkers in the Preserve would come across a framed painting, set at the location where the artist painted it, and could thus see the scenery and see the artist’s interpretation of it. An initial installation, painted by John Pryce, was installed last year (see photo), and two more have been budgeted by the Township Parks & Recreation department, with an artist’s fee provided by the UAA.

The installations
The pedestals are single-post aluminum structures, set in concrete, with aluminum frames and fibreglass embedded images resistant to weathering and, as much as possible, to vandalism. The paintings will be in aluminum picture frames, with a mat. Artists will sign their works on the canvas (within the picture), and the mat will include the name of the artist, date, and medium of the original. The painting part of the overall display may be reproduced with a canvas texture if appropriate.

Objectives of the program

  1. To bring together Uxbridge’s two unique resources — the trails/environmental community and the arts community — in a joint project that will enhance the stature of Uxbridge.
  2. To provide another, and unique, dimension to the Countryside Preserve, thus enhancing its reputation as a major attraction for visitors and residents.
  3. To introduce visitors to the Preserve to the world of art, in a natural setting rather than a gallery.
  4. To enhance Uxbridge’s image as a thriving artistic centre, and to provide exposure for local artists.

Specifications for the final works of art

  • The original pictures should generally be 12 x 16” in size, either horizontal or vertical. There will be a 1” frame and 3” mat, resulting in a display approx. 20 x 26”. The pictures will be reproduced as close to original size as possible, to avoid distortion of the original (brush-strokes, texture etc.) through reduction or enlargement. However, if an artist wants to work in larger format, reduction is possible.
  • Each work will be created from a viewpoint on an established trail location, so that the final installation can be viewed from the trail.
  • Scenes will be selected by the artists, with some coordination to ensure locations are not too close together. Selected artists will choose a location, to be confirmed by the selection committee.
  • Any “flat art” medium is admissible — oils, acrylics, water colours, pen or pencil. Art that depends on texture or depth (e.g. collages) are not acceptable.
  • Pictures may represent the Preserve in any season — but with coordination to ensure that not all pictures are (for example) fall scenes.

Each selected artist will be paid $500 for the selected work of art (unframed), which will then belong to the Town Trail Committee (a committee of the Township). The artist and the Township will both have reproduction rights, with the Township’s rights limited to promotion/marketing, and not commercial sales.

Timeline and specifications for selection submissions

  • Artists will be selected on the basis of existing works from their portfolios. Each prospective artist should submit images of three previous works, representative of the style they plan to use if commissioned.
  • Images should be in JPEG digital format and sent to: Uxbridge Arts Association, attn Colleen Baskin, PO Box 247., Uxbridge ON L9P 1M7, or e-mailed to Label each image with your last name and a number.
  • Deadline for submissions: July 12, 2008. Notification of winners: early August.
  • Deadline for provision of the final art work, Dec. 31, 2008 – gives opportunity to select a summer, fall or winter setting.
  • Selection will be made by Colleen Baskin (UAA), Councilor Gord Highet (Township) and Wynn Walters (Uxbridge Naturally). They will retain the right to reject any final art work not considered suitable, or to choose only one artist (or none) if submissions do not warrant selection.

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