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Arts Bridge Winter 2009/2010

Arts Bridge Summer 2009

Arts Bridge Spring 2009 Issue

Silverbirch: Sally’s Dance


Musical Families Night

Chris Saunders

Chris & Joel Saunders

Musical Families Impromptu Finale

Dan Hill

March Books & Brunch at Wooden Sticks


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Uxbridge Youth Photo Project: ‘This is My Life’

‘Contact Sheets’ from the Uxbridge Youth Photo Project: ‘This is My Life’

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Behind the Scenes
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Personal Work
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Fall 2008 Issue

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Jane Loewen

All I Ask of You (from Phantom of the Opera)
Voice and Piano – Live recording at the Foster Memorial – July 18, 2008

Maneli Jamal

Mahur (from his demo CD)

Maneli Jamal – Cold Arrival
(LIVE @ Uxbridge Music Hall)

Visit Maneli’s website other video performances.

Kim Brown

Maggie’s Field (title song from her 2002 CD)
* Violin by Anne Lindsay, featured guest at this year’s Celebration of the Arts Gala Concert.

Anne Lindsay

Through the Looking Glass (from her 2007 CD – News from up the street)

Diana Lopez Sato

AVEFUEGO (aerial & firedance performance)

Lunch Hour Concert Series

Gareth Anderson

Jesus Christ Superstar (piano – age 11)

Maggie Anderson

Wouldn’t It Be Loverly (singing – Carol Gibson on piano – age 11)