Diana Lopez Soto and Draught Horse productions present:

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Click for Details

MAY 26-27-28
JUNE 2-3-4

Tickets $20
Doors open at 7:30

Performances by:
Diana Lopez Soto
Suzanne Roberts Smith
Jennifer Fell
Jessie Zsolt

Art Installation by:
Emily Martin

Artistic Technician:
Travis Stocking


Baird Sculpture
6479 Concession #2

Come and experience magic, tragedy, humour and much more… This project explores the various levels of dreaming; the dreamer, the dreamed and what we call physical reality. An open conversation between aerial dance, performance art, poetry, story telling and art installation.

Tickets can be purchased at the door, by order and at Presents Presents Presents or Blue Heron Books in Uxbridge ONT.

for further information please visit:
or callĀ 416 254 08 62

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