Durham College workshops, Nov 15 & 29

Event Planning
Whether you are planning a wedding, charity event, family reunion or a trade show,
join us to discover the fascinating world of event management.
Learn techniques and secrets of staging a successful event, including audience
identification, creating your theme and agenda, scheduling for success, 
working with venues and suppliers and marketing your event.
We will discuss the various career opportunities for event planners.
LEIS 1076, 6 Hrs $99.75
Nov 15th  Sat. 9 am – 4 pm UXBRIDGE
Turn Your Hobby to Profit
Take your love, skill or idea to a new level. Transform your idea and yourself 
into a money making enterprise. If you are tired of minimum wage, or want to
build your hobby, craft or passion into a full or part-time business, this is for you.
Cover start-up, finding market niches, action plans and saving thousands in taxes.
Leave with many worksheets that can lead to your business plan.
BUS 1962, 7 Hrs $99.75
Nov 15th  Sat. 9 am – 5 pm UXBRIDGE
100 Mini
Holiday Cards
Just in time for the holiday season, learn to make a multitude of cards, tags and
decorated envelopes with beautiful colour combinations, using elegant embossing
techniques and stamping, stickers and Japanese paper folding.
A supply fee of $25 is payable to Jocelyn Allen.
CRFT 1920, 5 Hrs $94.50
Nov 15th  Sat. 10 am – 4 pm UXBRIDGE
Abstract Painting
Learn the modern art language of the abstract expressionists through this exciting
and challenging workshop. Explore the modern principles of abstract art using colour,
textures, form, line, composition, value and design to create personal expressive works
of art. Learn to find your own creative style. You will use various media with a focus on
acrylic paints. A great way to use up your old materials to find a truly personal vision.
Taught by Andrew Hamilton.  A supply list can be found on the website.
PAIT 1935, 6 Hrs $94.50
Nov 29th Sat. 9 am – 4 pm UXBRIDGE
Movie Maker for Windows
You have the inspiration.  Now you just need the know-how to bring your visions to life.
See how easy it can be to create, edit and add special effects to your movies using Windows
Movie Maker. With Movie Maker, you can turn your home movies into awesome videos that you
can share across the internet, or burn to a CD or DVD. Movie Maker is easy for anyone to use,
so don't be afraid to dive in, even if you're not a computer expert.
MEDA 1950, 6 Hrs $86.54
Nov 29th Sat. 9 am – 4 pm UXBRIDGE

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