LE VENT du NORD: Once in a Blue Moon Concert

Friday, August 31, 2012
Uxbridge Music Hall
16 Main Street S.

10th Anniversary Concert
Tickets: $30 each/Family pack (5) $125.00

Tickets available through the following:

Online: http://www.redravenphoto.com/leventdunord.html

Renowned as key ambassadors of traditional Quebec music and a driving force in progressive folk, LE VENT DU NORD returns to the Uxbridge Music Hall on Friday, August 31, 2012.

Having already captivated Uxbridgians in two previous performances with their sublime harmonies, superb musicianship, wit, exuberance and the intimacy of a kitchen party, the boys (being Nicolas Boulerice, Rejean Brunet, Olivier Demers, Simon Beaudry) are ready for a third go’round!

This time, the quartet will be celebrating their 10th anniversary as a band and introducing their new CD, ‘Tromper le Temps’ (Cheating Time).

Tromper le Temps, their 7th release, sees the band pushing their limits and exploring both new & familiar ground with their vocal harmonies and musical textures. In its 13 tracks, Le Vent du Nord prove that they’re not afraid to take chances or push themselves beyond the familiar and comfortable. As well as the expected reels & love songs, they venture into the regions of both historical and political commentary with Boulerice’s ‘Lettre a Durham’ and ‘Le Diable et le Fermier’ and Demer’s ‘La Soiree de Hockey’, a spritely rebuff to CBC’s cancellation of broadcasting hockey in French.

Of special interest to those residing in the region named after him, ‘Lettre a Durham’ is Boulerice’s direct response to Lord Durham’s 1839 ‘Report on the Affairs of British North America’ in which the Earl suggested that the French in Canada were virtually cretinous sub-humans who would eventually die out & go away if ignored by the British government. Call the song Boulerice & the band’s collective raspberry to the ‘good’ Earl. ‘Le Diable et le Fermier’ is a cautionary folk story written in protest of the practice of shale hydrofracking throughout Quebec. But ALL delivered with unerring harmonies and exquisite musicianship.

Since its 2002 founding, Le Vent du Nord has brought their brand of vibrant, infectious music to audiences in over 800 concerts across North America and Europe and garnering numerous prestigious awards. This 10th anniversary year sees them touring extensively throughout Scandinavia, Europe, Australia & New Zealand and the US. Earlier in the year they have been featured performers at the WOMEX festival, Glasgow’s Celtic Connections and VI Cartagena Festival Internacional de Musica in Colombia. And amidst this all, they’re coming back to Uxbridge.

Tickets are $30 each, with a family pack of 5 for $125.00 Tickets can be purchased online at http://www.redravenphoto.com/leventdunord.html or through Blue Heron Books, 62 Brock Street W., Uxbridge or Of a Kind, 1037 College St., Toronto.

To celebrate the Uxbridge concert and Le Vent’s 10th anniversary, a limited edition poster of the band, created by comic artist Kevin Bolk, will be available for sale at the concert with proceeds going to Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders).

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