Of Mice and Men – Nov 13-15, 20-22

A play by John Steinbeck
directed by Ruth Smith

Nov. 13-15, 20-22, 2008

John Steinbeck wrote Of Mice And Men as a novella in 1937, before his epic novel The Grapes Of Wrath. Steinbeck was born in California, travelled around migrant worker camps, looking for work, carrying his belongings tied to a stick in the 1920s, so he was very familiar with his subject. When Of Mice And Men appeared on Broadway, it had a successful run of over 200 performances, but was banned from American school libraries for promoting euthanasia, containing profanity, racial slurs, and using vulgar and offensive language. It has since become required reading material in schools around the world. Of Mice And Men is set in the Salinas Valley in California in 1932. The Great Depression, and the collapse of farming in the midwest, is driving men westward to search for work. Lennie Small, a large simple-minded man, and his only friend George Milton, and two itinerant ranch hands, are trying to save up enough money to buy a small farm. Their travels take them to a ranch, where they meet more hopeful dreamers, and the farm seems to be within reach. But, like so many dreams born during those uncertain and terrible times, it was not to be. Join us for an evening of drama by one of America’s great writers.

Tickets available online at www.onstageuxbridge.com or by phone at
905-862-5654 or in person at Brockstreet Music, 43B Brock St. W., Uxbridge

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