Schumann Concert

Sunday – Feb 3, 2008 at 3 p.m. – St Paul’s Anglican Church in Uxbridge.

Vocal by Jane Loewen, piano by Anthony Holt and in between, we are reading selected correspondence in the years prior to their marriage in 1840!

Special refreshments to follow!


Songs and Piano Music of Robert Schumann

“There is nobody I love so much as him. But he did not even look at me…….”

These words from Clara Wieck set the scene for a Music Recital with a difference – songs and piano music of Schumann’s will be interspersed with letters between Robert and Clara in the years before they married in 1840.

The letters reveal a story of love and devotion between these musicians, a story fraught with frustration and dividedness brought on by Clara’s paranoic father, Frederic Wieck. But the lovers win through and we are left with a wonderful heritage of songs and piano music by Robert himself.
Indeed the first twenty opus numbers – almost all music for piano – can directly be ascribed to his love for Clara.

The Recital will be presented by Jane Loewen, soprano, Anthony Holt, piano and by Conrad Boyce who will take the part of Clara’s father. The programme will be followed by rather special refreshments with a Clara-touch!

The concert is being given on Sunday afternoon, February 3, 2008 at St Paul’s Anglican Church in Uxbridge. Tickets are $15, inclusive, for adults, and $9 inclusive for students and are available at Blue Heron Books and at Green Goose Gallery in Uxbridge or at the door.

The programme starts at 3.00 p.m.and will be in support of the Uxbridge Arts Association and of other Arts organizations. Further details can be had at 905 852 5970.

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