Scugog Studio Tour

May 2-3, 2009
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1aDan Gallagher
Woodcarving and boat building are traditional trades, requiring knowledge of both material and technique. Dan carves to commissions and constructs the elegant Adirondack style Guideboat.
2320 Shirley Road, Port Perry.

1bHelen Benninger – Guest Artist
Helen has a unique approach to creating scarves, wearable art and wall art with fabric, ribbons, thread and yarn on her trusty sewing machine.

1cGary Moore – Guest Artist
I find that every chair takes my best effort and attention to detail. Use of the right woods and joinery leads to a wonderfully light, strong and resilient structure.


2aPat Neal Naked Lamb Weaving Studio
Shawls, blankets and fabrics are woven on traditional, wooden floor looms. Cotton, mohair, hemp and handpainted silk yarns are blended to create unique items and textures.
8 Myrtle RoadWest
at Hwy 12, Myrtle

2bBarbara Kimball – Guest Artist
Barbara’s work includes a menagerie of whimsical animal sculptures for home and garden. Her dragons and birds perch on teapots, jars and other functional pieces.


3aJan Pierson
Silkscapes Jan’s work features the inter -mingling of deep, vibrant colours to create one-of-a-kind handpainted silk clothing, accessories and individual orders.
125Myrtle Road East,Myrtle

3bPaul Williams – Guest Artist
Sculpting the metal allows me to develop unique forms that come alive with the sparkling light and beautiful soothing sound of gently falling water.

3cBeverley Williams – Guest Artist
I love working with gourds adding colour, feathers, beads, leather & wood burned designs. Each gourd is unique and is a naturally beautiful sculptural form.


4aJaan Peets
Jaan’s landscape photography is inspired by light, form and texture. Using traditional medium and large format cameras he creates remarkable images rich in detail and colour.
9560 Dagmar Road, Ashburn, 905-655-8199


5aJennifer Ross
Detailed paintings in soft pastel capture the character and charm of villages, towns, gardens and landscapes, particularly those in the United Kingdom and Europe.
115 Durhan Road 21, Port Perry, 905-985-3295

5bJennifer Creeggan – Guest Artist
Handcrafted porcelain pottery inspired by walks in the forest. Treat yourself to a reprieve from the mass-produced world.
Oven, dishwasher, microwave safe.


6aNorma Van Camp
Uniquely designed, handcrafted, acrylic floorcloths: extremely functional with a wide range of aesthetic possibilities.
70 Scugog Line 6,
Port Perry

6bGay Liddell – Guest Artist
Turning Point – Gay produces finely thrown and detailed porcelain table ware and decorative items, complimented by unique sculptured platters and glazed in an expressive array of nature’s colours.


7aMark Puigmarti
Local artist blacksmith
Mark Puigmarti of Port Perry creates custom hand forged ironwork. From functional pieces including gates and railings to sculptural pieces for the garden.
402 Reach Street, Port Perry


8aBonnie Thomson – Glass, Stone,Mosaics
Bonnie designs and fabricates architectural stained glass, lamps and garden sculpture.
136 River Street, Seagrave

8bJane Bingham – Guest Artist
Jane’s pottery focuses on natural motifs and incorporates hand carving and impressed relief.With her husband Dave, she creates unique pieces: combining function and beauty.

8cShelli and Mark Eisenberg – Guest Artists
From whimsical to classic, Shelli andMark make imaginative sterling silver and gold jewellery, creating a unique sense of movement in metal.Many of their rings, earrings and brooches feature stone inlays or beautifully set coloured gems.


9aDiane Beach
Diane’s detailed paintings are created in watercolours and mixed media. She has been painting for several years and is mostly self taught.
226 Fingerboard Road,
Little Britain

9bLis Simpson – Guest Artist
Art Glass Jewellery
Lis makes glass beads on the torch that shimmer and gleam with subtle “treasures” inside. These tiny abstract sculptures become fine jewellery – “wearable art pieces”!


10aJoanna Malcolm Studio by the Green
My paintings are created in a unique style ofwhimsey,warmth and contagiously vibrant colours.Recently, I have explored abstracts through an intuitive painterly process.
17751 Nestleton Road, Nestleton, 905-213-4922

10bJoan Flusché – Guest Artist
Joan combines sea glass, semi-precious stones, silver, pearls, crystal and other natural materials to create unusual and elegant jewellery. Each piece is truly unique!


11aPamela Meacher
Master painter and author Pamela is passionate about the conservation of native flora. Her botanically styled paintings combine the magic of watercolours and charm of the faeries’ enchanted world.
19 Ambleside Drive,
Port Perry, 905-985-8851

11bRay Young – Guest Artist
Using a range of techniques, Ray’s creations enhance the natural beauty of exotic and native woods revealing their warmth, colour, and texture in amazing detail.



12aMaureen Dorinda
Through playful expressionism and abstraction, Maureen invites you to explore her mystical forms. Her colours, rhythms and movements create a uniquely different feeling in every viewer!
45 Orchard Road,

12bMickie Petursson – Guest Artist
Mickie’s paintings capture the essence of the places she has visited, the people who have influenced her life and the objects she holds dear.


13aNancy Gardham
My impressionist paintings attempt to maximize the transparent properties of watercolour. Subjects are both man made and natural objects.
425 Lakeshore Drive,
Port Perry

13bStan Tait – Guest Artist
Stan Tait creates classic, contemporary and timeless jewellery! Stan’s celebrated designs include the Muskoka Pine Tree Collection, Infinity Collection and his nationally recognized ‘Angel Pendant’.


14aJean Telford-Rahme
Using a colourful palette, Jean captures impressions of her subjects with acrylic on canvas or watercolour. Her inspiration comes from travel, nature, people and architecture.
439 Kent Street, Port Perry

14bPaul Gray Diamond – Guest Artist
Paul strives to bring out the story of the tree’s life in pure simple lines for his vases as individual as all life forms are.


15aTravis Merrick
After years of enjoying painting, I am channelling my creativity into exploring the three dimensional world of sculpting.
298 Bigelow Street, Port Perry

15bKaren Hunter – Guest Artist
Karen graduated from the Ontario College of Art in 1985. Her jewellery is all handmade and designed by her. She works with Sterling Silver, semiprecious stones and Niobium, a very rare pure metal which is naturally hypoallergenic, and when anodized produces a rainbow of colours.


16aKaren Richardson
Travel throughout Canada and beyond inspires Karen’s remarkable paintings. She works in a realistic style to create dramatic landscapes, vibrant florals and architectural portraits in watercolour.
41 Riverview Drive,
Port Perry

16bCathy Mark – Guest Artist
Magical metal, stone and mixed media creations depicting nature’s finest.

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