Scugog Council for the Arts – Sparkle Sale

Your Invitation
to visit the
“Sparkle Sale”
Dec 7 to 21, 2013

Pink Chinese Soapstone – The Wave – $450.

Jellies Hanging Art – Gallery Wrap – 20″ x 30″ $225. also as “Gift Card” with envelope. $4.95

Sparkle Sale Opening Reception
Saturday December 7. Join us from 1 to 4 p.m.
Art and crafts from local artisans are on display until December 21 at the Scugog Council for the Arts Gallery, located at 181 Perry Street, right next to the township office.

Join us on Saturday December 7 to meet and greet some of the artists who have work on display and for sale at this years’ Sparkle Sale. Gallery hours are Tuesday to Saturday 12 – 3 p.m.

Scugog Council for the Arts
181 Perry Street, Port Perry, ON L9L 1B8

Stone Carving
“I look at the piece of stone until I see a shape in it, then I just chip way everything that’s not that “Shape”. – Stuart Blower – 2013

For me the ability to change a lump of stone into a specific shape and form is very satisfying. It’s a control thing, I enjoy the fact that I can shape the rock to my will and produce a three dimensional form where non existed before.
My first piece was a small, Haida myth inspired soap stone carving affectionally named Igor, who has a permanent place in our living room. He took me a year to complete, working with a wood carving knife. I finished him just in time to go back to Bancroft, Ontario to buy another piece of soapstone for my next project, which also took a year to finish. Since then, my output has increased and I am now able to work with bigger, heavier materials such as marble and granite, using air powered tools.

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