Steel Magnolias

steelmagnolias.jpga play by Robert Harling
directed by Ruth Smith

November 15 – 17 and 22 – 24, 2007

This play is set in a small rural town in southern Louisiana around 1980, and covers nearly three years in the lives of six women. The women, Southern belles whose spouses are dead, somewhat psychotic, or gone, spend much of their time in the local beauty salon, run by a colorful lady named Truvy. They gossip, fight, make up, get their hair done, and find strength to battle the inevitable tragedy that strikes. They are the steel magnolias of the title, seeming frail and vulnerable, yet fighters through and through.

Harling’s dialogue is witty and bright, and we are first into the tightly knit circle of friends. The characters are beautifully written and strangely loveable, and the story is compelling and real. This is a touching play, very funny, very sad, and in the end very human.


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