Twelve Angry Men by OnStage Uxbridge

12 Angry Men

12 Angry Men

Twelve Angry Men are coming to Uxbridge, and nothing is going to stop them. No need to hide your head under your pillow, however. The courtroom drama “12 Angry Men” is actually the upcoming play being put up by OnStage Uxbridge.

The Uxbridge Music Hall will turn into a jurors’ deliberation room as 12 men try to decide the fate of a young boy. During the trial of a boy accused of his father’s murder, a lone juror takes a stand against the guilty verdict handed down by the others as a result of their preconceptions and prejudices. An intense deliberation that takes “beyond a reasonable doubt” heavily into consideration ensues as the first juror to vote “not guilty” explains his trepidation against voting guilty to his fellow jurors. Some of the jurors are truly interested in making a good, righteous decision, while others are more eager to finish up quickly so that they can attend that evening’s baseball game.

Set in late 1950s New York, the play was written by Reginald Rose, (the original script was a teleplay). Rose also wrote the 1957 film version script, which starred Henry Fonda and was directed by Sidney Lumet. Other well-known actors that have appeared in other versions of 12 Angry Men are George C. Scott, who won a Golden Globe for his supporting role, and Jack Lemmon.
Udora resident Bryan Mailey will be directing this production, and is excited about working with OnStage Uxbridge in his directorial debut with OnStage. He has directed and co-directed various productions in the past, mostly with the Borelians in Port Perry. He’s been on stage numerous times in both plays and musicals.

“I am very pleased with the cast I have. There will be several new faces as well as some great seasoned actors who are all committed to working hard and developing their characters. With an outstanding set designer in place and a great production team I am excited about bringing this powerful piece of dramatic theater to life for our audience!” says Mailey.

Producer Michelle Charette is just as excited as Mailey.

“It’s a classic courtroom drama, and is such a great script and a thought-provoking play we’re sure the audiences will enjoy it,” she exclaims.

Tickets go on sale Monday February 27th
Order tickets on line at, by phone: 905-904-0895 or in person at La Petite Fleur 43 Brock Street West, Uxbridge

Show Dates: April 5-7, 12-14 8pm
Matinee: April 14 3:30pm
Uxbridge Music Hall
16 Main St. S., Uxbridge, ON.

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