Update on the UAA Executive positions

Hello, I just wanted to update everyone on the status of the UAA and its Executive Committee.

We have enough people who will stand for election to cover off the positions we are required to fill by our Constitution. These individuals are:

Stuart Blower – President
Anthony Holt – Treasurer
Hollay Ghadrey – Secretary
Barbara Blower – Membership (in conjunction with Anthony)
Linda Lee Purvis and Shelley Marsland – Newsletter
Colleen Baskin – Past President

We still need to find additional people who are willing to help out with the newsletter content and who can manage the calendar, web-content and current events postings.

Please plan to come to our Annual General Meeting next Wednesday June 11th at 7:00 as we will be holding out annual business meeting and electing these new officers. If you are one of those who is standing for election, please contact me me if you cannot come so I am aware of it.

After our meeting we will hear from Faith Dentay who is opening an Art Gallery and workshop space in Mt Albert this weekend. Faith has received a Canada Council grant and has done all the legwork to renovate a property into an Art Centre and organize a gallery there. It will be fascinating to hear her experiences on this journey!

Our new Secretary, Hollay Ghadery, has offered to host our post-AGM wine and cheese party. We will distribute information about how to get to Hollay’s house at the AGM so everyone can find it. Everyone is most welcome to attend.

More information to come


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