Uxbridge Youth Photo Project: ‘This is My Life’

‘Contact Sheets’ from the Uxbridge Youth Photo Project: ‘This is My Life’

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Behind the Scenes
behind-the-scenes-1 behind-the-scenes-2 behind-the-scenes-3 behind-the-scenes-4 behind-the-scenes-5 behind-the-scenes-6 behind-the-scenes-7 behind-the-scenes-8 behind-the-scenes-9

portraits-1 portraits-2 portraits-3 portraits-4 portraits-5 portraits-6 portraits-7 portraits-8 portraits-9 portraits-10 portraits-11

Personal Work
personal-work-1 personal-work-2 personal-work-3 personal-work-4 personal-work-5 personal-work-6 personal-work-7 personal-work-8 personal-work-9

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